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General terms of use

1. Use of the platform by Jopall Inc.

The General terms of use apply to all users of the platform, whether they are just visitors, holders of a free account, or if they pay to use the services offered on the platform. In order to avoid numerous repetitions, Jopall will also be designated as the Platform.

Jopall Inc., 3590 rue des Dahlias, Notre-Dame- du-Mont- Carmel (Québec), G0X 3J0

2. Jopall Inc., 3590 rue des Dahlias, Notre-Dame- du-Mont- Carmel (Québec), G0X 3J0

Jopall reserves the right to improve, develop and make changes to the platform at any time. It is also possible that services be suspended or discontinued at the sole discretion of Jopall. Although access to the platform is intended to be provided continuously, interruptions or downtimes are possible. The use of the platform does not give right to continuous access or to the backup of the services associated with it. Jopall has the right to modify, discontinue and delete a feature, segment or even the platform, in whole or in part.

When you access the platform via an optimized version for mobile devices or if you are using the Jopall mobile app, you understand that the features and presentation may vary from that of the platform version designed for computers. The download and use of the application are at your own risk, Jopall cannot be held liable for damage to your devices and your data.

3. Use of an account

In order to safeguard the security of the accounts, you agree to abide by the terms of use when using Jopall, whether you have an account or not.

  • You must be at least 14 years of age to use the platform. If you are under 18 and decide to create an account, you must do so under the supervision of an adult.
  • When creating an account, profiles or ads, you must provide truthful information.
  • You can create multiple profiles and ads, but you only need to create one account. Make sure to create each profile or ad in the appropriate profile or ad type.
  • You must use the Jopall platform only as part of legal activities and with respect to existing legal restrictions under the different jurisdictions that apply to you according to your geographical location and your situation.
  • Should you fail to respect the rules regarding all conditions of use, Jopall would have the right to delete sections of your profiles or ads, to suspend or close one of your profiles or ads, or to suspend or close your account. If Jopall deletes your account or content, either in whole or in part, you will need to get authorization before creating this content once again.
  • You are responsible for the information and content you post or write on and through the Jopall platform. If you infringe on others, you may be directly prosecuted by the person(s).
  • You must ensure that you keep your contact information up to date.

4. Rules regarding posting

Posting profiles and ads can be done in accordance to certain rules, these are implemented in order to ensure smooth operation of the platform, respect of all users and general good conduct.

When you post content, you must do so in compliance with these rules. If users fails to do so, Jopall reserves the right to suspend or delete, in whole or in part, their profiles, ads and event accounts. Jopall is released form all liabilities in regards to the content created by its users. Since this is an open platform where users are entirely liable for the content they post, it is their responsibility to make sure they comply to the platform's terms of use and posting rules. As for failings to comply, it is the responsibility of other users to report any inappropriate content or content not respecting the platform's terms of use and posting rules.

  • You must indicate your real location when creating a profile or ad. You must reside in Canada to be able to post a profile or an ad on this platform.
  • You must create profiles or ads that only offer or look for services and products that comply with your region's applicable laws. You do not have the right to post an illegal product or service or that is offered outside of Canada.
  • You must post profiles and ads that are different enough to be distinguished, you cannot create profiles or ads that are identical or too similar.
  • You must write and post content that can be viewed and read by a general audience, considering that the platform is accessible from the age of 14 when supervised by an adult. Jopall reserves the right to suspend or remove, in whole or in part, any account displaying content that is not intended for a general audience. Nudity and sexually explicit content are part of the prohibited content.
  • You must use the platform in a respectful way, slanderous and denigrating contents are prohibited. This applies to profiles and ads but also to recommendation notifications and sent messages. If you write such content, you understand that you are personnaly liable and that you may be subject to legal suits by users who feel aggrieved. Jopall reserves the right to suspend or remove any content or account that does not comply with the Terms of Use and Posting Rules.
  • You must write your profiles and ads in good faith, fraudulous intentions or ill-intentioned motives will not be tolerated.
  • You do not have permission to use this platform to direct or prompt its users to use a competitor's website.
  • Profiles and ads must be wrtitten in French or English
  • You must use appropriate content for the type of profile or ad you created, you cannot use speech that conveys hatred or incites hatred, or attempts to intimidate anyone or promotes illegal activities in any way.
  • The profiles or ads created must promote actual services, activities, products or offers. Recruitment must be done in accordance with the standards and rights in force in your province.

5. Reporting a sheet that violates Posting rules

Jopall is a platform that lets users create and manage their different profiles and ads, they can also interact with each other and write recommendation notes. With a view to protect the platform's accessibility, openness and proper operation, users are expected to write content that complies with the platform's terms of use. Jopall provides users with a mechanism to report any profile or ad that may not comply with its terms of use. it is the responsibility of users to use this mechanism any violation to the terms of use by another user. To report content, you can use the report button on the full screen version of a profile or ad, or you may contact Jopall directly. Then, Jopall can judge whether or not an action must be taken, if the user should be notified that a report was filed, or to suspend or delete, in part or in whole, the content related to the account.

6. Purchase of services at cost price

Jopall's basic services are free of charge, many services can be used without having to create an account, however, some services require that an acocunt be created. Services at cost price are clearly identified as such. The price is quoted in Canadian currency and is subject to change without notice. Amounts paid for services will not be refunded. If payment for a service expires, the user will be notified and will be given the option to pay to extend the service. If the user does not provide a payment following a due date notice of a paid-for-service, the service will automatically terminate. Paid-for-service contracts are not automatically renewed; when necessary, users will be asked to confirm his/her consent in order for the service to be renewed. When a paid-for-service is requested but the payment is not completed, the user is deemed having forwent the service and will not have access to it unless the payment process is resumed and completed. Prices are subject to change without notice. Payments will be made by credit card.

7. Termination

If a user wishes to terminate a service contract for which he or she has paid, no refund will be made even if the user deletes his account. The service contract shall be deemed to end on the last day of the period covered by the payment and shall not be automatically renewed. The user may then decide not to pay for renewal and the said contract deemed terminated will not be renewed. Otherwise, the user may choose to pay for renewal and the said contract will be renewed. Duration and service included will be specified before purchase.

8. Types of prohibited uses

It is prohibited to use the platform for illegal purposes, to promote illegal activities,to offer or seek services of a sexual nature, to intimidate others, to direct users to a competing site, to disseminate hate speech, to incite hatred, or to promote any form of violence. Forms of discrimination are not tolerated, whether it be on postings or on recommendation opinions. You may be subject to prosecution if you do not follow these rules. Jopall may intiate proceedings against you if your actions on the platform have caused legal problems, have tarnished the image of Jopall, or caused other types of harm.

9. Limitation of liability

Jopall is not responsible for the information posted by the users of the platform, they are responsible for their contents and postings. If a user is harmed in any way by content displayed by another user, legal liability rests with the user who drafted and posted the content that is underlying the dispute. Jopall is an open platform that may be used as an information medium. The platform assumes no responsibility for the actions of its users. Jopall is not responsible for the quality of the services, users' products, or the truthfulness of the recommendations suggested on the platform. It is the responsibility of the cocontractors to verify the information before proceeding with an agreement or a sale. It is strongly recommended that you meet face-to-face with the user with before making an agreement or any payment. A mechanism has been created and made available to report any problems regarding a profile or ad. You can also contact the Jopall directly; however, the platform will not serve as an intermediary or referee in the resolution of a potential conflict. Should you want a dispute to be heard, traditional courts would need to be involved. Jopall is not responsible for employees hired via its services, nor for employers who make offers or hires through its platform. Jopall is not responsible for events, nor for the internships or contracts posted by its users, the latter retain full responsibility for their postings.

Jopall is not responsible for any fraud that may be committed by its users, including false or misleading representations, or any violation of copyright or intellectual property rights that may be committed by its users. Jopall also assumes no liability for loss or damage caused by interruptions of service or other operating problems of the platform.

The use of the platform is at your own risk. If you violate Jopall's Terms of Use you will be held liable for all damages suffered by others and will bear the financial costs and any charges and expenses that may be directly or indirectly associated with the consequences of your actions.

10. Content ownership

The platform displays content that belongs to it as well as content belonging to its users. If you create an account on the platform, it will also contain information that belongs to you. All users are held accountable for the content they post. If you post a profile, ad or recommendation containing information that could harm, disturb or violate a law, you will be held responsible. Your profiles, ads, as well as your account may be suspended or deleted in whole or in part without notice or reason given. In case of ambiguity, Jopall reserves the right to judge what breaches its conditions of use. It is strongly recommended that you read all the terms of use.

11. Interaction between users

Interactions between users must be done in full respect of the platform's terms of use. No form of harassment, intimidation, discrimination, violence, incitement to hatred or defamation is permitted. If you violate these rules of conduct, Jopall may remove your content or account at any time without prior notice.

12. Copyright and intellectual property rights

The name, branding, texts, and content displayed by Jopall on its platform belong to Jopall. You should not use this content.

Users are the owners of what they post, however, if any third party uses this information, Jopall will not be liable. The person who has used the information will be solely responsible for his/her actions.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not release sensitive information such as your date of birth, government ID numbers, banking information or any other information that may cause you harm, If used by ill-intentioned people.

You should not use the information of other users for malicious purposes.

You must not use content for which you do not own the rights, the information you post must be true and related to you or to the company or organization on behalf of which you are posting. You must be entitled and authorized to create the profiles and ads you post. You cannot create a profile on behalf of another person or for a company or organization for which you are not authorized to do so.ou pour une entreprise ou organisation qui ne vous y autorise pas. For this reason, If a report relates to a profile or an ad which has been created or posted without proper authorization, Jopall can delete the profile, the ad, or the the user's account without notice.

If you decide to add a link to a website belonging to you or belonging to a third party, You are responsible for any consequences that will result from this choice. You must respect the rights of third parties and not reproduce content of any kind without proper authorization.

Links to sites that display content that is obscene, illegal, defamatory, explicit, abusive, pornographic, inciting hatred, or which violates or are somehow contrary to the content authorized on this paltform will not be tolerated. A profile, ad or even an account containing a link or hyperlink to such content may be suspended or deleted in whole or in part, without notice, to Jopall's sole descretoin.

Jopall's copyright, that of its users and third parties must be respected at all times. However, Jopall will not be held responsible for the actions of users infringing copyright, the user will be solely responsible. You agree to respect the copyright, trademark and other rights of Jopall, other users and third parties.

You are prohibited from using the name of Jopall, its contents, its trademarks, the names of its services or products as well as its images, logos and texts.

13. Applicable law

These terms use must be construed in accordance with the laws of Quebec as well as those of Canada. The courts having exclusive competence to settle any dispute are those of your province.

14. Updating and modifying the platform

The terms of use may be amended or updated at any time without notice. You should review the terms of use on a regular basis. If you continue to use the platform after a modification or update has been made to the terms of use, this constitutes your acceptance of such changes to the Terms of Use. Jopall reserves the right to modify the platform in whole or in part, to add or remove sections or features from it. A temporary interruption of the platform without notice is possible. JOpall reserves the right to terminate its services permanently, However, Jopall may give advance notice of major changes to the platform or discontinuation of services.

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